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Pittsburgh wants to reverse population loss by developing its neighborhoods

Mayor Bill Peduto has a goal to bring 20,000 new residents within the Pittsburgh city limits over the next 10 years. How does he plan to do it? By investing in residential development and thinking young.


Love of local brew fuels rapid rise of Cincy's beer market

As the number of local microbreweries enters double digits, the city’s beer entrepreneurs are having a hard time keeping up with demand. Innovation in the growing beer economy is ensuring the taps won't run dry.

Photo Bob Perkoski

Grrl power: encouraging more female riders key to city's cycling health

If women indeed are the barometer of a healthy cycling city, then making women feel safe while cycling in Cleveland must be a priority, say local biking advocates. Female riders are less likely to cycle without infrastructure that makes them feel safe, including separated bike paths and physical barriers on roads that divide bikes and cars.


How Cincinnati stole my heart

Soapbox's founding publisher isn't a Cincinnati native, nor did she feel much love for the city when she first arrived here 15 years ago. Yet she's an engaged resident and passionate champion of Cincinnati now. Find out how the Queen City won her over.

Dora Walmsley

Four young female entrepreneurs building networks in Pittsburgh

Four young women entrepreneurs, with work that spans from political fundraising to opening a local market, say Pittsburgh is a great city to start a company and make business relationships.

Greenville Packard Building

Brain Street USA: How a small Pennsylvania town will change the world of neuroscience

Cutting-edge medical technology comes to Main Street.

Winter Expo

Why Minneapolis is one of America's best winter biking cities

The burgeoning winter-biking scene wouldn’t be possible without the bike designers, entrepreneurs, co-ops, fests, expos, zines, and coffee shops that give the community its innovative edge and vitality.


Youth entrepreneurship in action

The Detroit Community Schools is launching a Kickstarter campaign in partnership with TechTown's SWOT City program to raise funds needed to transform a garage into an entrepreneurial incubator. Matthew Lewis reports from Brightmoor.

Market Square Park

How public art transforms the urban canvas

Once the province of sculptors, public art has evolved into an essential element of urban placemaking and social engagement. From murals on vacant buildings to art in laundromats to edible art installations that are as mouthwatering as they are aesthetically pleasing, we take a look at how public art is transforming our cities.


OTR A.D.O.P.T. takes matchmaking approach to preserving properties

Nonprofit OTR A.D.O.P.T. matches deteriorating historical buildings with individuals and small developers committed to preserving the historical fabric of Over-the-Rhine.


In Toronto, nightlife builds and divides

Urban areas are often divided on the issue of nightlife. Efforts in Toronto are underway to regulate the number of bars, but embracing nightlife and working collaboratively may be a better option, some owners say. 

Gina Wertz , left, plows her field with draft horses  Prince and Bob

Harnessing the future

When it comes to farming sometimes old is new again. At least it is for Gina Wertz. She tells Donna McClurkan about her reasons for learning one of the oldest ways for tilling the earth. 

Michael Lastoria (seated) and Steve Salis, co-founders of &pizza, at their V St. location

How the web supports DC's buy local movement

The Internet brings the world to your door. But local businesses are using the Web to attract customers from just around the corner.

Phyliss Edwards tours Claytown

Cross-generational placemaking in Detroit

Placemaking isn't just for young creatives. In multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, multi-generational Detroit, the Community Development Advocates of Detroit are helping people "age in place." We report from the newly-minted Claytown neighborhood.

A bright display of ally art off of Lincoln Avenue and Ellsworth Avenue

Denver's tactical urbanists tackle DIY city planning

Think your city needs more protected bike lanes? Or better patio space? Some Denverites aren't waiting for change -- they're planning and doing it themselves.
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