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Natasha Akiwenzie of Akiwenzie's Fish

The uncertain future of sustainable fishing

The Akiwenzies have sold sustainably caught fish at farmers' markets in Toronto since 2006, but their future is uncertain. They worry an extension allowing communities to fish in their Reserve bays will disrupt fish levels and hurt their eco-friendly business. 

The Firehouse, under renovation

An arts oasis blooms in Camden

Heart of Camden, a group of artists and community activists, is looking to transform this down-and-out neighborhood, starting with an innovative art space in a rehabbed firehouse.

The view of Market Square from the Fairmont Hotel

Why I moved to Pittsburgh: Matthew Sterne, GM of the Fairmont Hotel

While he's lived in stunning places such as Banff and Sonoma, his favorite city is now Pittsburgh. Meet Matthew Sterne, general manager of the luxury Fairmont, a jewel in downtown Pittsburgh and named the number one Fairmont on the continent for customer service. Read how they do it and why Sterne never wants to leave. 

Brush Park BMX

Detroit's bid for the X Games

Detroiters Kevin Krease and Garret Koehler have taken a bid for bringing the X Games to Detroit into the final round.

Addison Avenue Rehab

Done on a dime: Creative re-use in Cleveland neighborhoods

While public officials beat the drum for more money to raze vacant homes, others are saying, "Not so fast." Creative developers have crafted a way to renovate homes for as little money as it would take to demo them. The loft-like homes offer a taste of downtown, done on a dime.

Sheperd teaches one of her new gardeners how to harvest salad leaves

Edible garden installation company turns tiny yards, black thumbs into fresh veggies

Tapping into a growing trend of local, organic food, Meredith Shephard's for-profit business, Love & Carrots, helps urban residents get the localest of local foods -- from their own backyards.

USF Health's Steve Klasko at CAMLS in Tampa.

Rise of the rest: It's not just Silicon Valley anymore

From the price of real estate to the 24/7 culture, has Silicon Valley jumped the shark? Ask many keen observers of technology communities from coast to coast, and they'll tell you that 2013 is prime time for startups to bloom in cities like Denver, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and other cities.


How walkable are Upper Peninsula cities?

Cities across the Upper Peninsula are reinvesting in walkable communities to promote business and residential growth. See how your city stacks up.

Adil - abstract

Ukulele gangsters shake up unhappy public transit commutes

How to make a dreary public transit commute a thing of joy? Toronto entrepreneur Adil Dhalla has an idea. It involves a ukulele orchestra.

kids in tune - abstract

Music changes young lives, one note at a time, with Kids in Tune

Kids in Tune is about more than teaching music to young people. It's about support, nurturing, joy and acquiring life skills through music.

electric car - abs

Pennsylvania has the power to flip switch on electric cars

Why Pennsylvania is poised to be the nation's leader in electric car adoption.

Brian Rice - list

Black design pros diversify Cincinnati's creative class

Cincinnati attracts designers from across the globe, but the minority gap still looms large. How are local black design professionals working to recruit their peers? 

Ben Reubenstein - abs

Denver's mobile app economy rivals the Bay

Denver is an emerging hub for mobile app developers. With more than a billion smartphones on the planet, this market has a big appetite, and many local shops are hiring and turning away business.

Gories - abs

Did the Gories save Detroit?

Garage rock and Detroit techno -- social and cultural energy drivers at home, international commodities everywhere else -- started the city's revival in the 1990s. Maybe even sooner. 


Transformative entertainment: The drag scene in Grand Rapids

A close-knit but growing community of performers, dedicated to the art of being fabulous and free-spirited, have been nurtured by an increasingly open-minded spirit of creative expression.
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